Your background

  • A degree in computer sciences, engineering studies with a computer science focus or similar provide you with a solid technical background.
  • Having at least five years of relevant work experience, you’re proficient in Java8+ and object-oriented programming, and you use Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, and SQL confidently.
  • You’re well-versed in technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, Swagger, Rancher, and Kafka.
  • A first glimpse at PDF parsing can be beneficial.


What to expect

  • Your onboarding will be tailored to your needs and allows you to get familiar with our structures, processes and product landscape easily.
  • Thanks to our hands-on approach, you’ll be quickly assigned your own tasks. But no worries, you’ll always have a go-to person.
  • That will allow you to actively engage in developing new components and functionalities in an agile environment.
  • You’ll work on feature and bug tickets and proactively contribute to our products’ maintenance and further development
  • Adherence to coding principles like coding practices like Clean Code helps you to write code that is easily maintainable and consistent.
  • You’ll also be involved in designing system architecture (cloud and microservices) and in defining interfaces using REST and JSON.
  • You have a good spoken and written command of German and English.