It's not information overload. It's filter failure.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, you lack the right tools to extract treasures from the masses of data. knecon AG specializes in finding, filtering and provisioning highly sensitive data.
Die knecon AG ist spezialisiert auf das Finden, Filtern und sofortige Bereitstellen hochsensibler Daten.
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We have shaped the history of sematic search. FForesight, our enabling technology, has grown over the years. Today, it sets the benchmark in finding relevant information in the context of individual activity. Our philosophy is simple, yet effective: the solution is not to perfect search. But to make it easy for you to find.



Back then, we started in a small circle. Today, we have grown to a team of 52. And we keep growing. Our team members complement each other: business experts – industry and market experts with a long track-record in different fields – work hand in hand with computer scientists who transform business needs into excellent technical solutions.



We have settled in two locations: Mannheim (Germany) and Uitikon (Switzerland). Our customers, however, come from all over the world: we have had the privilege of working with companies and government agencies from 15 countries, and have always learned from each other. Because data management challenges require collaborative thinking, not a textbook approach.

Mitarbeiter der knecon AG im Gespräch mit Jean-Michel Locarnini

Confident and undogmatic.

The solutions developed on the basis of FForesight will fundamentally change the way you view and approach previously unsolved data challenges.

Anyone can say that? That’s true. But we are citing clients and experts from industries such as pharma, agriculture, food or chemistry who depend on changing their perspectives. We work with their companies and government agencies to make them experts in their own data. Without unnecessary detours, but with agile, smart solutions.

Organizations don't need any more data. They need more actionable insights. The importance of finding data, using it effectively and learning from it has long been underestimated. We are changing that fundamentally.

Dr. Jean-Michel Locarnini

Being empowered to do things ourselves is crucial to all of us in so many areas. Only in terms of data management we are often forced to trust blindly. We want to enable our customers to understand how they can achieve excellent data results. And along the way, that results in a form of trust that is even more valuable.

Detlef Horn

EVP Business Development

Strong partnerships.

A growing number of consulting firms are embracing the data and analytics trend and recognize the great opportunity it presents. We work with selected partners who want to offer their customers excellent data analysis and agile development of specific in-house solutions. Interested in partnering with one of the strongest and most agile data analysts?

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